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Visca Perpignan Online Shop for  www.viscaweb.net

Visca 16 Rue Lazare-Escarguel 66000 PERPIGNAN

Real shop in the center of Perpignan managing by Muriel and Nathalie birth in Catalonia.

Our Shop of PERPIGNAN is opened
- Winter from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am till 7 pm.
- Summer from Monday to Saturday from 10 am till 7 pm

Phone: 0033 4 68 57 23 29.

Shop 100% blood and gold offers products Catalan food, clothing or identity. 16 rue Lazare-installed Escarguel, the stalls are filled store Visca rousquilles, and other crunchy sweetness of the valley of the River Tech, olive oil city Millas, tapenades, vinegars and mustards Legends Pyrene, the flower of salt salanque, beers and other beverages of the Cap d'Ona, the Bubble and Nolita wines from Nayandei, wine and gingerbread Tautavel wine Maury tissue manufactured in Arles-sur-Tech, Vigatans (typical Catalan shoes) from Saint-Laurent-de-Cerdan, and identity products (flags, "baratina", donkey. ..) straight from South Catalonia. Furthermore, the shelves are dedicated to the Catalan Dragons and Football Club Barcelona.

Source: Article from the Independent 8 June 2010.






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